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Leading Self

There is a lot of talk about being ‘authentic’, but what is it and why should I develop, authenticity? Would you trust or follow someone who was a photo shopped version of themselves. Carefully editing their relationships, trying to hide their flaws? No, neither would I! People can spot a fake, and no one wants to be one. Can’t people just be authentically unkind or harsh, they are just like that all the time? No that’s learnt behaviour, from past situations which ultimately doesn’t serve relationships, garner support and creates a personal brand that harms careers.

Being authentic as a leader is more of a sliding scale, leadership is a craft you learn over a lifetime. It takes a vision, purposeful reflection, action planning and commitment to become the kind of leader you really want to be and follow through to show up more consistently as your authentic self. When you do, then the trust with your peers, team members, customers and stakeholders deepens.

Leadership requires energy, focus, to maintain your self-mastery, and more so when you need to lead your community in difficult times. Once you have your vision, it’s time to develop yourself one horizon to the next for the rest of your career.

Join us for two days, start your leadership journey and learn how to deepen the relationship you have with your ideal self, manage your energy and focus so when your people need your leadership the most, you are ready.