We design, develop and implement effective, relevant and credible learning solutions to increase performance in your organisation. Our learning solutions help your leaders, teams and individuals, to gain the necessary skills, capabilities and confidence to create a successful future for your organisation and customers.

We believe the demands on organisations today, means every individual, team or community need to be engaged, equipped and committed to meet these challenges head on.

Ethical and contemporary design

Our learning solutions are contemporary and compelling. We keep up-to date with thought leaders and research in leadership, management, emotional intelligence and business skills. We have an ethical design policy, if we reference a specific licensed model, we will use the licensed product from the author or publisher. This ensures we can act as a trustworthy catalyst with partners, customers, facilitators.

Elegant, grounded and real

We don’t overload the learning with a plethora of models, theories and information. Our focus is on helping the learner to acquire the necessary skills and capabilities from the learning experience. We make space for collaborative dialogue among the learners so they can contextualise the learning and apply it to their reality.

Replicable, scalable and straightforward

Our learning solutions are accessible for facilitators with a range of experience and capability. All our solutions are designed with clear simple guidance, with accurate timings, compelling and engaging activities. Our live online learning is designed by qualified experts, experienced in the art of facilitating learning via WebEx.

We also incorporate recorded and/or face-to-face train-the-trainer sessions to provide an overview to each workshop to help facilitators to prepare and be consistent with other members of their team.

Frequently Asked Question

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What is the price for your learning solutions and facilitators?

For the learning solutions it depends on the duration of the solution you want to buy, if you want it customising and if there are any licensed products (Inventories) involved.

For the delivery and/or facilitation it is dependent on the location and duration. Rates may vary from country to country. Alternatively, we can discuss virtual delivery via WebEx if this media can be used with your people.

Yes, we can supply you content on a license basis, normally per participant, with discount on volume if paid up-front. Prices vary according to the duration of the solution and any other inventories or 3rd party content is included.

Yes, we will ask you to sign an agreement and agree up front a fee per participant. We can discuss some of the logistics about the pre-reading and content that gets sent direct to the learners.

Yes, we can work on a license fee per participant that incorporates changes. Most of our content is designed to be customised and re-branded.

Let’s talk about what you need, we can send you some information about how we do bespoke design and agree a fixed cost for the project. We ensure that once we’ve agreed cost and scope, and we are thorough about scope, we can deliver to the agreed price without any surprises.

Richard Nixon - Founder and Director

I work and live between the United Kingdom and South Africa. I’ve led, and managed teams for over 20 years, and been involved in learning facilitation and design for about the same time.

Richard’s comments on developing leaders and teams:

I’m excited about learning, be it enabling individual development, team dynamics, community or organisational learning. I enjoy helping people and teams to create new patterns of thinking, adjust their behaviour break people’s addiction to dealing with incidents and crises. We get people to move beyond egos, and short term wins, enabling them to make progress for the good of the organisation. As a result of this we enable teams of leaders to see the ‘whole’ together, the vision, their communities, teams and strategies as one entity. By working with teams of leaders, we enable them to collaborate on, commit to, and enact practical and lasting steps to change the destructive and inhibiting patterns of work. Leaders when engaged in the programmes we deploy really begin to see the urgency to adjust their behaviour, and actions to achieve lasting change. As leaders they begin helping communities to collectively pool their talent, passion and energy to create the future they truly desire.

Richard’s comments on deploying learning:

Organisations need to stop thinking about training and learning being the same thing; they are not. Learning is about change, and instead of putting together programmes of training, people need to think, how do I bring about this change, how do we make progress by learning? Once you adopt this mind-set, the role of ‘L&D’ becomes very different. Emphasis is placed on the context of the learning, the climate and environment, the vision and long term patterns of change. Greater accountability for learning sits with the leadership and management of the organisation: to be, to own, to manage, and ultimately deliver the change they want to see, achieve the results they are mandated to deliver.