Perfect bespoke development

We have a wealth of experience in creating, deploying and delivering learning solutions tailored to your specific needs.

You want end-to-end consultation, delivery and measurement of results, or need help to do this yourself. We can help.

Quality pre-designed and quickly deployable learning solutions

We have a range of learning solutions, pre-designed to be deployed quickly, achieve replicable results with internal and/or external facilitators. Use our expertise and content to quickly build or supplement your own curriculum.

Established inventories and profiling tools

We are licensed to use a number of inventories and profiling tools to raise self-awareness, develop team and individual emotional intelligence, or create a cultural profile for a community of people.

PRISM: - 360° Feedback, Resilience, Big 5 Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Organisational Culture, Role profile and selection

Strength Deployment Inventory: Strengths profile, Conflict and Team dynamics

Through our network of associates we have access to a range of other profiling tools and inventories. Talk to us about other tools and inventories.

Facilitated sessions

If you need to bring people together to explore concepts, review and learn from recent experiences. We can pull together a facilitated session for your team, project or executive group. Sessions can be around project initiation, debriefs, innovation, conflict issues etc. Talk to us and we can work out a plan.

Credible facilitators and Interventions

We provide credible, qualified and inspirational facilitators to ensure effective delivery of any learning solution. Apart from our own directors of learning we have access to associates across Europe, Africa and Asia. We’ll create the ideal team to support you.

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