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Leading Organisations

Vision, Strategy, Communities, and Alignment, all the stuff senior leadership does, right? Well yes, and so should everyone! Everyone is touched by the vision, it should guide your efforts, inspire individuals, mobilise teams, inform and direct strategy, and whether you lead a team, manage managers, direct projects or lead whole functions, guess what, you need a vision! Everyone does strategy, you could be instigating change, implementing processes, exploring new options or looking years ahead, you are doing strategy.

What about navigating the complexities of organisations, and culture, isn’t that senior leadership territory? Well if you need to work with other teams, guess what, you’re already influencing the culture and working in complexity. Yes, but alignment, isn’t that getting everything to work in concert? Yes, and guess what, you can play your part, wherever you are to align your team, systems, process, rewards, more effectively to deliver the vision. You can lead from anywhere, you just need to understand how you lead your organisation!

Join, us for 2 days, bring some friends (your team or a group of people from different functions) and let’s learn how to lead your organisation for the better.